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Julie's complaint against National Holidays

Julie Jenkinson


Holiday on the Rhine what a nightmare

Complaint against National Holidays

On 26june I set off on my holiday to Germany after a number of delays we finally arrived at hotel Kurfürst we were taken to our room on the 3rd floor which had a bath I asked if we could have a room with a shower so then we were in amen across the he hotel up 3more fligh of stairs to a attic box room but at least a t had a shower having to up and down 3flights of stairs was very difficult considering I have c o p D we booked our holiday on 3rd April and there were people who had booked the week before we went and got a river view on the ground floor for a much cheaper price than we did I think this is very unfair .then there was the best trip on the wed it was absolutely disgraceful there was nothing to do no where to sit considering that the majority of the travellers had walking sticks and there was no where to Sit or not buy a cup of tea after hours of disbelief and bewilderment we went back to another destination where all the shops were shutting up at 1pm yet again nothing to do what a complete waste of a day everybody was complaining even the driver then we go back to the hotel from Hell the other coach trip had had a wonderful day out which was llike rubbing salt into our wounds the hotel was locked up so we could not get in then here is the little matter about the private guests who were let in to have breakfast before our coaches they had the majority of the food and rumer had it made pack up when we went for our breakfast there was not much left and the owners wife Elizebath said to the coach drivers that we had eaten all day he food and we should have more consideration every body wes fuming how dare someone speak to guests like the that disgraceful 95%of the people on the them coaches were over 60year old not only was the hotel in need of a refurb it is like something out of the 40s the food was BAD frozen veg instant mash potatoes a bread roll cut into pieces to feed 6guests unbelievable no jugs of water on the tables it was €2.50 for a small bottle of water I met 2old lady's buying food in lidl as they said they were hungry every night after dinner I think this hotel is running on a very tight budget and the attitude towards the paying guests is totally disrespectful and this holiday which has taken me and other travelers a time to save up for was like a nightmare and I think some thing should be done if this attitude and disrespect had happened here then racism racism would be mentioned please can you give this your earliest attention as I do feel this is racist yours Julie jenkinson

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