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Emma's complaint against National Holidays

Emma Greenall


Holiday was not as described

Complaint against National Holidays

Me and my boyfriend have heard many positive things about National Holiday trips - in particularly how reliable you are. However, during our time we have experienced an almost entirely different trip to what we was sold. We booked to go on the “York Fayre and Harrogate Christmas Market”. Therefore we expected to spend a reasonable amount of time at each of these destinations, given that the trip was for 4 days. In reality, we spent 5 hours at each of these destinations. It’s understandable that it wouldn’t be reasonable to spend 2 full days at each place. The frustrating element to our experience is that the time was indeed found to attend Skipton and Leeds, despite there being no mention of these destinations in the description of the holiday. We booked the trip on the basis that York was primarily emphasised, leading us to believe that we would have time to experience it. Instead, we will only be passing through York on the journey back home and not have enough time to do what we planned to. On top of all this, our hotel is at the Britannia in Bramhope (on the outskirts of Leeds) and there’s next to nothing nearby. Entertainment in the hotel is non-existent and since we’re coming back off the coach between 3-4pm we are left bored. This is not the experience we had hoped for. After all the reviews from friends and family we had heard we did plan on doing many more National Holiday trips in the future... after our poorly planned and structured experience, it is fair to say that this will not be the case. We hope that you will consider this feedback in the future and represent advertisement more accurately.

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