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Karen's complaint against National Holidays

Karen Wilkinson



Complaint against National Holidays

What a bunch of jokers. If I could have given 0 stars I would. Almost 2 weeks I have been trying to book a trip, i have made in excess of 30 calls to them and expected return calls, non forthcoming. Finally got to speak to someone today who told me I couldn't book 3 seats because there was only 4 left on coach and if I wanted 3 tickets I would have to purchase all 4. An operator also told me the last booking for this trip was end of May, that was a downright lie, I know there were 9 seats available this time last week and 6 left yesterday. What is to be gained by that!!! I asked to complain and was told I had to do it in writing or email - when I asked if I would get a reply he said "Yes, an automated one immediately and a reply within 21 days", I won't hold my breath. Lots of people say how good they are, all I can say is they must be paid to say it. This is only the second time in trying to book with National Holidays, the first went OK although the distance from the hotel to our excursions was over and hour and half away. in fact when returning to the hotel it took over 2 hours in evening traffic. Coach holiday, yes you spend most of the time on the coach, very little on excursions..

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