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Ann's complaint against National Holidays

Ann Bostock


Kept awake in hotel, long route on return - Wakefield to London 4/8/17 (3 days)

Complaint against National Holidays

The first night in the hotel (Britannia hotel, Primrose Hill Rd, Hampstead, London), we were woken up at 2.30 pm by loud TV, laughing and talking from the next door room. We tried to ignore this and go back to sleep but could not. So at 3.30 pm knocked on the wall. The occupant immediately began slamming doors, went quiet for about 10 mins, then the noise resumed, including a burst of singing. In the end we turned our TV on to mask the noise and didn't sleep properly again. In the morning we complained to reception and were told that the lady and her companion were very drunk and were not being permitted to stay another night. The hotel did provide us with a complimentary drink from the bar that evening, but on reflection we do not think this was sufficient recompense for our discomfort. Also, we wanted to make you aware of the hotels policy on admitting drunk guests. The other problem we encountered was that on the return journey the driver came up the A1M and dropped off passengers from Hull first. We had got on at Wakefield deliberately as historically this has always been the last pick up and the first drop off point on these London trips (we have done a few of them). We thought the driver was joking when at the last comfort stop he announced that we were going to Hull and Hessle next! The reason he gave was that he lived in York. This meant that our journey was 6 and a half hours from London when it should have been about 5 hours. The most annoying aspect of this was that we were not told that this would be the route until the last comfort stop, and this has never been the route on these London trips before. Infact, as far as we are aware Hull and Hessle have never been pick up stops on the Wakefield to London trips in the past. I would like to request some monetary compensation for our sleepless night at the hotel, chosen by National Holidays, and the inconvenience of the extended journey time on our return trip.

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