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dinah's complaint against National Holidays

dinah Whatmore


new year in vienna celebration friday 29th dec 2017

Complaint against National Holidays

I wish to make a complaint about my recent holiday to Vienna, this holiday was a big disappointment, for myself and my husband, and would be very reluctant to travel with national again. From the minuet we stepped on the coach their was problems, from been rushed about to been spoken to in an inappropriate manner. When we arrived at the Kaiserrast Hotel this was a disappointment because it was more like a Travelodge Style Hotel and was at the side off a very busy motorway with a petrol station at the side of it. The next day we went to the Schonbrunn Palace we had 4 hours here, but this was not organised properly because the queque for the tickets was about 3 hours so, this left no time to look around the Palace, plus all of the shops were closed, these tickets should off been pre booked. On New years eve we were shown to our tables and these were totally stuck in a corner with no view of the show and stage. Then an Austrian couple had booked a table behind us which meant that a couple from our coach party had to moved half way through their meal, everybody was in a bad mood.The next day on our way to the Kursalon, the drivers Billy and John told us that on the next day on our free day and their free day if we wanted to go into Vienna we had to pay 20.00 euros each to have a ride into Vienna, everybody was fuming their had been no mention of this up to this point. This totally spoiled what should off been the highlight of the holiday at the New years day concert because everybody was annoyed with the drivers and alot of people were bickering and arguing, this put everbody in a bad mood.Their was a bad atmosphere and everyone was in a bad mood.Then we got back to the hotel people started to help themselves to a drink, thinking the bar was open as normal, but then the owner off the hotel came storming in and started shouting and waving his arms about saying bar closed bed, bed, bed. He even pulled a cup out off a ladys hand. We were at no point told the hotel bar was closed at 10.00 O clock it had been open till 11.00 o clock the previous evenings and nobody had told us any different. The drivers had also told us on the bus that they were not taking any of us into Vienna the next day they had changed their minds. Then the next morning they had a change of mind and said they were leaving at 9.30, most people got onto the coach and very reluctantly paid the 20.. euro each. This is totally unacceptable to expect people to spend their free day in a hotel 15 miles out of Vienna centre , at the side of a busy motorway with a petrol station next to it, and no public transport either a bus or train. Their was no mention off this extra cost on the itinery or on the tour up until the night of the concert which totally spoiled the evening.The whole holiday was spoiled with people arguing and total lack of communication from the drivers, no list was put up in the hotel to let us know each day what we were doing.The way we were treated from the hotel was totally unacceptable, and i would be very reluctant to book another holiday with national. I have been on alot of coach tours over the years and have to say this experience has been the worst, and what should off been a memorable holiday had turned into a complete disaster and wast of money, i hope that you can sort out this complaint, and know for sure that you will receive lots of other complaints from other customers thankyou Mr.Mrs.D.Whatmore

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