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Lesley's review of National Holidays

Lesley Fisher


No Itinerary!

Review of National Holidays

The coach itself was lovely, very clean and comfortable. Unfortunately we weren't given the seats we booked and it went downhill from then on...the driver was very curt if he spoke at all and there was no itinerary for us. The other drivers put there's up in the hotel bar but ours never did, we felt this was very remiss! I also felt that our weekend was rather wasted. We went on the Edinburgh Tattoo & Cumbrae Island tour. We expected a full day in Edinburgh but didn't actually arrive until after 4pm, the morning was just wasted sitting around the hotel as there was nowhere within walking distance to visit. The second day was no better, again we were promised a Cruise which was actually an 8 minute ferry ride to Cumbrae. This was a very pretty place and I would have liked to have spent more time there which we could have done if we hadn't sat around the hotel all day. I felt on the whole this trip could have been so much better than it actually was.

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