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Monica's complaint against National Holidays

Monica Anderson


Skegness Sun Hotel What Went Wrong

Complaint against National Holidays

My husband and I have just returned from a 5 day break to Skegness. We had a letter a few days before leaving and a phone call on the Friday before our departure to say our pick up time in Northampton was changed from 8.25 am to 8.05 am so we arrived at the pick up point at 7.45 am we waited 8.05 am came and went but no coach we stood there in freezing icy conditions 8.45 am came and went then at 9 am I phoned the office to find out if the trip had been cancelled or when our coach was going to arrive the girl offered to find out for me and ring me back which she did and she said the coach was on its way and would be with us shortly finally at 9.35 am it arrived 1 hour and 30 minutes late so why bother changing our pick up time in the first place, when we got on we were told to sit anywhere we were not told that this was only a feeder coach which was taking us to Leicester Forest East to join our coach we were to travel on to Skegness on,when we were settled the driver announced he had to have a break so 15 minutes after getting on we had to get off again and were a few miles up the road in Watford Gap services for 45 minutes,off we set again to Leciester Forest East the driver dropped 4 of us off there who were going to Skegness and said our coach would be arriving shortly he then drove off to Liverpool leaving us standing in the coach park area we were all so happy when we seen our coach arriving but quickly dismayed as when we tried to get on the driver told us he was having a break and all of the other passengers were getting off and that we would be there for another hour by this time it was 11 am and would not be leaving until 12 pm so we had travelled from Northampton to this services and it took us 2 hours 25 minutes before we finally set off for Skegness,I had booked as I always do the back seats 13a and 13b only to find someone else was sitting there I checked with the driver and on his paper work we had been allocated seats 1a and 1b which are right at the front but someone else was sitting in them also he said we could move the other passengers belongings and sit in 1a and 1b or we could sit behind him as these sets were spare 1c and 1d to be honest we had by this time had enough so just sat where he told us what it the point of saying you can choose your seats when booking if this does not happen we were not happy being at the front,when we got towards Skegness the driver said he needed the loo and would also fill up with fuel at the Shell garage he stopped at when we looked out he was standing then having a cigarette at a filling station no less when a few of the passengers seen him smoking they jumped off to do the same and there they were standing on the grass verge smoking so the rest of us had to sit and wait until they were all finished and we could continue on our journey finally we were off again and arrived at the hotel around 2.30 pm so over 5 hours to get from Northampton to Skegness not acceptable I'm afraid. On our return journey another nightmare awaited us and a longer trip we left hotel at 10.15 am but had to meet up with the other coach which was coming from Liverpool but would not be leaving there until 12 pm so we dropped passengers off first at Birmingham,Foss Park etc and other drop offs points to kill some time it got worse as one man went and asked the driver if he would drop him and another travelling with him off at a bus stop in Birmingham somewhere as it was easier for them than the designated stop so he did but while there you guessed it he lit up a cigarette so on seeing him smoking the other smokers on the coach jumped off and they all stood there smoking at this bus stop with no consideration by the driver or passengers for all of the other of us left sitting on the coach,when we finally got on our coach to take us to Northampton with the other driver an 81 year old lady went and asked the driver if he could drop her and her companion off before we got to the main pick up point which would make it much easier for them both to get a bus the rest of the way home but this driver said he was not allowed to stop unless it was a pickup point stop so how come our driver on the first half of the journey home could stop but the other one could not. Very disappointed on the whole about our travelling and would be very reluctant to travel with National holidays again as did many of the other passengers say the same thing saying they would not be using National holidays and I am sure mine is not the only complaint received about this trip.

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