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Complaint against National Holidays

I am writing to you in regards to our recent new year holiday at the Sun Hotel Skegness. It is the worst Hotel I have stayed in since I started taking coach holidays in 2001. It resembled a rundown guest house used by contractors. The single room our friend stayed in was tiny with a shower that was too small to use. The dining room resembled a greasy spoon cafe that long distance lorry drivers use (no disrespect to lorry drivers). All the waitresses were the managers daughters and none of them had any idea how to wait table and were dressed in hoodies and fleeces and no idea what hygiene was, and were rude. The menu for the stay was very poor, with a roast with the same vegetables and pie and chips or similar served on a small plate Which was piled up and very unappetising. There was no reception just a phone number and no lounge to relax in as this doubled up as an overspill to dining room So just the bedroom which was no good. When some guests tried to talk to the manager he wouldn’t listen and was very rude. Breakfast was at 7.30 and tea 5.00 and there was no alterative just abuse if you were late, we were supposed to be on holiday not Prison. They even ran out beer, wine and spirits on New year’s eve and new year’s night which wasn’t really good. I hope that you never use this hotel again to protect other holiday makers. This experience as defiantly put me off using National Holidays again through fear of another bad experience.

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