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Robert's complaint against National Holidays

Robert Alcock


Terrible journey, run down hotel, disgusting food, and frightening return journey !

Complaint against National Holidays

We spent 5 days at the Trecarn Hotel in Torquay which was aweful!. The journey down there on the coach was pent with a driver that nobody could understand , and we had to sit next to stinking toilet that had a strong smell of urine for 6hrs. The coach steps were soaking wet in urine. As we arrived at the hotel the driver mumbled something and everyone was confused so got off, only to get back on as it was the wrong hotel. When we arrived at the hotel , there was no communication except an envelope you were given with minimal information in it. The hotel caters for older people but has no access for the elderly. We eventually got into our room to find it full of beds and waste materials!! we had to call staff to remove them as we couldn;t physically fit in the room? The bathroom was disgusting and smelled of ammonia from urine soaked like in the floor, Meal times were like a cattle feed , with the food being basic and some of which i would feed a pet with !! This didn't improve. We wanted to go home by the second day and nobody seemed to be happy at all. The breakfast to be fair was good. The day to return home came and there was NO communication what time we had to get the cases down and what time we were leaving. I had to find the coach driver at dinner to find out!! We got to the coach 30 mins before the designated time of 8.15am. We were due to leave 8.30am. The coach driver miscounted and proceeded to shout at us all ( this happened 4 times) before someone pointed out that he had miscounted and we were not waiting for anyone !!, His attitude was disgusting shouting at elderly passengers and very rude.The coach toilet had not been cleaned all week and stunk ! i had to to go to a local shop and by some detol spray and spray the area before we got on. I told the driver who wasn't interested just slated National Holidays !! We were on the coach from 8.30am in the morning and had ONE stop all the way from Torquay. Is this legal ? People wanted to stop to use the toilet as we had elderly who were at risk of falls try to use the toilet on the coach which had not been cleaned again.Being seated for so long my ankles and wife,s ankles swelled up as i need to move about. This experience was terrible and this driver ran the risk with us as he clearly wanted to get back despite breaking the law for driving too long. Never again will we travel with this company, we payed good money to be subjected to a stressful experience.!!!

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