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Terri's complaint against National Holidays

Terri Thomas


The whole 2 day Cadbury World and Safari zoo experience.

Complaint against National Holidays

On arrival at Middlesbrough bus station for our pick up we were all (myself and 2 children) excited as we have never been on a bus trip.. The driver greeted us with a half a smile, throwing our bags into the boot I asked if this was Cadbury and Safari bus.. 'yes' short and sweet, not once did he check our letters, everyone getting on was a little shocked by the drivers lack of patience and unprofessional manner! We got onto the coach and he did not count everyone, he just got on and drove off... We got to our next pick up point at Stockton and again, the same complacent manner! Again at Darlington. By this point he had offended a majority of the coach. It wasn't until the service station at Woodall M1 that he spoke to us over the mic, he introduced himself as 'Nick' and said we will be stopping at this service station for 1hr as he needs a break, their was a few young children who had fallen asleep and he demanded EVERYONE leave the coach, no one was allowed to stay! No compassion at all!! We then left to ho to Cadbury World and just before arriving at 12:30pm he came on the mic and explained to us that we had nearly arrived, we would have to stay on the bus until he had gotten the tickets.. He came back, gave us tickets and with a miserable tone said he would be here at 4:30pm to pick us up, a lady asked if it would be this particular place for pick up and he replied upsetting the lady with an offensive retort.. Upon leaving Cadbury World we were taken to our mystery hotel, 1hr away, he explained to us that our evening meal was at 7:30pm, and just before getting off at our hotel he said we would be setting off at 9am in the morning but breakfast would be at 8:30am so we'd better be quick or he will leave us... The hotel was lovely, went down for our meal and we were chauffeured into a dining area, we had a piece of paper on each table with starters, mains and desserts.. The menu was catered for adults.. Starters-Veg soup, apple/orange juice or egg salad, Main- veg stir fry, chicken in red wine sauce or cottage pie, served with veg sliced potatoes and gravy, Dessert- 2 scoops of ice cream or treacle tilt poly and custard. Immediately upon seeing this the parents of most of the children asked if their was something extra for the children... No was the answer.. Eventually, we got to go choose our meal from a small catering serving area, where a young lad Was miserably asking what we wanted, we were served a very small portion of what we wanted, the children eventually got to have some pasta and sauce with cheese on top, this came after we had all finished our main, then dessert took 40mins... By this point people had just left, we got ours and it was cold, I'm not one to complain but it was really cold! The next morning we had gone down for breakfast at 8:25am, had to que until 8:30, then had an almost filling breakfast rushed down by Nick the driver walking round our tables reminding us of our 9am departure. upon arrival at Safari Zoo, he disappeared to get our tickets, then on the mic told us to stay in our seats for the Safari ride.. Bearing in mind half the coach had never been here and didn't know what was going to happen, we behaving our safari ride in the coach.. We got to see some animals but he was going to fast passed them, not enough time to take good pictures and overtaking cars... He then explained that we would be picked up here at 3pm for departure.. It would of been helpful for Nationsl holidays to mention about the extra costs of wristbands inside the park.. Very misleading when you've paid a lot of money for the trip.. Enjoyed our day, on our way home we again had to stop off a services but again some of the smaller children had fallen asleep, but he still demanded everyone get off the coach, 1hr later we had got back on the coach.. When we arrived near Darlington for our 1st drop off he started speeding up, he was speeding through the town, people's things had begun to fall from their seats, people getting flung around in their seats.. He opened the boot to get their bags out just to leave them on the side of the pavement and drive off! He did the same going to Stockton and Middlesbrough, as we got off at Middlesbrough he said to us as we collected our bags.. 'thanks everybody, thanks driver' his blatant complacency was on show to all throughout, his behaviour was disgustingly arrogant and pretentious and his derision of others was appalling! I do hope this will get back to the hotel and the driver because this 2 day trip for myself and 2 children was one never to be repeated again, I will be telling others about our trip, we paid almost £250 for that trip!

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