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Miss Julie's complaint against National Holidays

Miss Julie graham


Time issues

Complaint against National Holidays

My complaint is I and another adult booked one of your holidays to Chester zoo blackpool on 13th to 14th of August 2016 we were appalled at the very short time the driver gave us in the zoo aswell as Blackpool we arrived at Chester zoo at 12 45 pm and had to be back on the bus for 4.30 that gave us hardly anytime to get round the zoo at all our trip seemed very stressful as we had to click watch all the time not to mention Blackpool we arrived at Blackpool at 10.30 hoping to have all day round Blackpool but yet again holiday cut short yet again to be told by driver to be back on the bus at 2.30 pm which was apselutely disgusting you expect to have at least till 4.30 we came home feeling very very disappointed and upset at the short time we had at both destinations felt like spent most of the time on the coach very disappointed and I am speaking for other passengers aswell which also wernt impressed with the short time we were given also the driver was not very sociable at all never spoke one word to most of the passenger's and when he did want to speek he had his mouth to close to the microphone we were struggling to hear what he was saying I went last year to the same holiday deal and the driver last year was apselutely brilliant he gave us longer times at both destinations and was very very sociable so what was the drivers problem this year I'm sorry to say I will not be booking that holiday next year for Chester &Blackpool as it was upsetting and stressful you are supposed to go on holiday breacks to relax and enjoy not run around because you haven't got much time and to keep clock watching all of the small time you did have I am hoping to book the Blackpool 5 days next year and hope I have a more sociable driver not one that makes you feel he needs to be home for his tea other then that your coach,es are very comfortable and a joy to be riding in its so annoying to think one driver to another can make different times to the time you have to be on the bus I know and appreciate that it is a long journey but make the journey's eairler if it gives us holiday makers feel we have been on a breack not sat on the coach most of the holiday everyone who I have spoken about this is apselutely appalled and disgusted at the times we were given on our holidays and I know I have spoken for most of the other passengers on the coach who all felt the same way as myself hope my complaint gets taken seriously because it definitely needs looking into thank you for reading this.

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