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Holly's complaint against National Holidays

Holly Brown


Unable to enter Lego land discovery. Despite booking a Lego Land discovery trip.

Complaint against National Holidays

Myself and my friend (21/22 years of age) booked a national holiday to Lego land discovery only to arrive at the venue and not be allowed entry to the attraction due to not beng with someone under the age of 18. We booked through your delivery partner in Stockton high street (stage coach if I remember) and at no point was this explained. The first we learnt of this was once we had arrived at Manchester and arrived at the venue. Needless to say we feel as if we have wasted our money, after booking a daft night away and not actually being able to partake in what we had paid for and what was advertised (the trip was called a Lego land discovery trip) we went on August 14 2018 from middlesbrough bus station. Please let me know what will be done about this as I’ve been on many national holidays in the past and not experienced anything like this.

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Andrew Marsden | | VERIFIED

Hi Holly, We made a door entrance at the side.It took ages useing the bricks.By the time we got in it was time to go.
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