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Lucy's complaint against Swissport

Lucy Mcconville


Customer service Edinburgh airport

Complaint against Swissport

Good evening I hope this email finds you well? I wanted to lodge a formal complaint regarding my experience with your customer service desk at Edinburgh Airport on my recent visit on the 23rd of May 2019. I am a frequent flyer for business and pleasure and use Edinburgh airport often as most of my work is in the UK. I have never in the three years I have been travelling for my job received as shocking service as I did on my most recent trip. We arrived at the airport to board our flight at 18.15 to understand our flight had been delayed until 21.00. This flight was soon cancelled and removed from the board. We recieved no communication apart from a lady in weatherspoons telling us to go to the swissport desk. When we arrived there we waited in a queue with no idea what was going to happen. Eventually a lady came out and was very rude in the way she addressed the already distressed crowd. She told us we would all be put on a later flight and to wait patienciently. After 45 minutes of waiting in the queue with no update and people allowed to skip the queue as they pleased we were then told that all flights were full and we would be put in hotels. When we eventually got to the desk the lady who we spoke with was one of the rudest ladies I have ever encountered in customer service. I myself work in customer service and completely understand the stress your team are under. However I felt I needed to make you aware of how poorly the situation was handled. After sitting for an hour with no update we were then told no hotels were replying and we were to book our own. Again it is not the situation I am frustrated with, I understand these things happen however if dealt with properly I would have been so much more comfortable. When we eventually boarded our flight the next day we were then charged by swissport for our luggage. I was extremely upset again by the way the manager at the desk spoke to us. He basically told us to like it or lump it and said I could not escalate my issue. I would like to clarify we all got our bags on the flight home no problem. In summary, my issue is not the situation. I understand a lot of what I detailed above is out of your teams control - however the way this was managed was appalling. I have never complained in my life but felt I had to make you aware so further training can be provided and you can do more to improven how you monitor feedback. Kind regards Lucy

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