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Brendan's complaint against Swissport

Brendan Goff


Poor customer service

Complaint against Swissport

Our problems began on arriving at Stanstead on the 22aug 2018 we watched as the baggage handlers removed our luggage and left it on the apron while they loaded the outgoing luggage it took almost an hour before our cases arrived on the conveyer which meant instead of £3:50 for the pickup area it cost £26:00,then on the return journey on the 27aug 2018 we arrived 2hrs before gate close,checked and dropped bags off and went immeadiately to security where we where kept so long because of people carrying the wrong things in their bags by the time we got to the gate it had just closed no one said how far the walk was and having suffered from a lot of ailments including cancer i found this unacceptable the refused to lets go the plane but he still delayed the flight for 25mins while our bags where removed he then sent my wife to the wrong baggage claim where she waited for 1hr 40mins while i walked all the way back to speak to Ryanair who did not want to know and where quite rude they could not have been less helpful they basically told me to pay £200:00 for new tickets or move on this experience was very disturbing for my wife who is bipolar i had to sit at the front of the plane with my wife at the back unless we coughed up another £32:00 to sit together Swissport and Ryanair are a disgrace

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Allan Hampton | | VERIFIED

Waited over an hour and a half for luggage to make a conecting flight back in june, cost us £200 and an uncomfortable night in the airport and a days loss of our weekend, endless emails to ryanair with no response, we have photos of all the handlers smoking together, ryanair send the same guff of " make sure you are at the aiport in plenty time" we were and it cost us because of them.
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