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Judith's complaint against Swissport

Judith Bosomworth


Rude groundworker

Complaint against Swissport

I have just returned from a trip to Portugal with 4 of my friends.We travelled on flight FR2342 19.10pm from Newcastle on 4th May 2018. On arrival at airport we proceeded through the departure lounge to board the plane at the rear entrance. We were towards the end of the queue as there were quite a few rowdy young parties and thought it best to let them board first. As we went towards the plane the ground crew began to remove the steps so we hurried to get to them when I was rudely yelled at by a female Swissport ground worker wearing a high viz jacket. Her words were " How Mrs get to the front " When I politely asked who she was talking to she yelled in my face "You! Get on the bloody plane the flight is late hurry yourself up" To say I was annoyed is an understatment but it was neither the time or place to discuss her ignorance and rudeness.I am a 55 year old lady with high morals and manners and have worked within the public sector life. Never have I ever come across someone so disgustingly rude and ignorant in all my life. The woman was about 50ish with shoulder length wavy blondie brown hair and was wearing a Swiss port high viz jacket with red banding on. A male member of the same crew whispered an apology to me but it was not his place to do so. We were a party of 5 polite middle aged women looking forward to celebrating what had been a very hard year for one of our friends. To say this marred the beginning of our trip is an understatement. I woukd be most grateful if you could look into this matter I would highly recommend that the said person undertake some relevant training in refining her social and communicational skills especially when working within the public domain. I look forward to your reply on this matter. Kind regards Mrs J Bosomworth

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