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Damon's complaint against Swissport

Damon Lawrence


Still no luggage

Complaint against Swissport

Wrong luggage loaded in the flight to stansted. So my luggage did not arrive - filed report - promised within one day. Did not happen, 3 days they contacted me saying dhl would contact - dhl have yet to contact - so now a week, Cannot contact them by phone 4 days line rings out , They do not respond to email. And yet to reply to over six emails from each day- This is clearly how the management prefer their company to function - it starts from the top Terrible company with people who just don’t care- I don’t understand why airline companies use them, - probably cheap- pay peanuts get ......... these people don’t care if you get your luggage or not - they have a poor complaints procedure, and no resolution because people don’t care, this attitude comes from the top, always passing the buck- they don’t accept any accountability. Court action is usually the only option- keep all your tickets and communication, As a consumer we do not have any say about if we use this company - we cannot claim money from them, there nothing we can do to make them accountable his is the airlines responsibility and they choose not to do anything. The government need to step in and tighten the rules and make them accountable as they did with airline delays - something small as losing luggage ruins holidays

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Mel Mash | | VERIFIED

Received the worst service from Swissport, we arrived an hour 15mins and was declined checkin, we dealt with a lady named Charlotte who is apparently a supervisor and in all my travels, I have never dealt with anyone so rude and abrupt, we were completely robed of everything, stanstead swissport has the worst staff and I’ll try my best to avoid flying from there.
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