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David's complaint against Swissport

David Newton


Swissport British airlines shambles

Complaint against Swissport

Upon arriving early at Mykonos Airport for our British Airlines flight to London booked through Qantas Frequent Flyer website months ago and confirmed on the Manage My Booking section of their website the day before we were told there was a problem with our two daughters ticket numbers and at that the check in guy disappeared with our passports. Lots of taping at the keyboard later he says our daughters reservation is clearly on the flight in Business Class with ours but there is “a problem with the ticket not being issued” I showed him the booking reference on the British Airways app and this did not help as he said there is no ticket we cannot get on the flight. I asked for his supervisor and he said he’d already spoken to her and there is no ticket and they cannot issue a ticket. I asked to speak to the supervisor and a lady came over and simply said there is a reservation but no ticket has been issued. She said “call your travel agent” and then she walked off. This is just the beginning of her arrogance and complete and utter lack of care factor in helping us get on the flight which by this stage was leaving in an hour. We tried to call Qantas (most of their call in numbers redirect you to their deaf person relay service which tells you if you don’t have a speech or hearing impediment to hang up) finally after trying every number on their list regardless of the direction and after a few dropped out calls managed to speak to a person in the frequent flyer (QFF) section, an hour later! Flight missed!! Regardless this lady at QFF seem to want to help and eventually said she would call back to see if she could confirm us on the same flight tomorrow. Waiting for her call now Back to our Swissport experience. While waiting for QFF on hold we asked again politely of the swissport staff what could be done to get us on our flight. Of the 15 odd Swissport staff standing around doing nothing but talk to each other not one seemed to want to help. Back to female “manager” again and she said “it’s not my problem it’s your ticket, call your travel agent” Her attitude is something I’ve not experienced in a customer service role before, her tone was one of absolute tistain and then she said “go away from me”. I asked one of the other staff if there was anyone else I could talk to and I was directed to the Swissport desk as they were the “Handlers” for BA One young fellow at the Swissport desk actually laughed at me when I asked what could be done. “You have already been told, there is nothing we can do as it is an issue with your ticket” Clearly he had been well trained by the female manager. I asked who the most senior Swissport person there was and while he first said she was he then indicated the older gentleman next to him was but he was busy sorting out some lost baggage issue So, while waiting, I tried again to call British Airways with the number on their website. There you just get a recorded message saying they very busy with calls and to try their website and then it hangs up on you. I’m not sure which is worse. Staff who don’t care and don’t seem to want to offer any solutions while time ticks by and your flight leaves without you or a company that made a billion dollars last year doesn’t even answer its phone? When the supervisor was free he said “what do you want to do” let’s take that as poor English as at least he made some calls and came back to say it was an issue with our ticket number and this was a problem with the issuer Qantas and he could not change it. By this stage the flight had gone. He did say there was another BA flight later that day but they don’t sell tickets there. This was advice I’d got from the manager lady too, when I questioned that it’s an airport that doesn’t sell tickets she said “now you get it, what do you want?” She then just repeatedly said “why do you come to me” when I suggest I just want a solution she again said “why do you come to me” We then were approached by a lady from Fraport who seem to be the airport authority. She wanted to know if she could help (thank goodness!) we explained our situation and she said there was a BA flight later that day and we could possibly buy tickets from the travel agent next door to the Swissport office (not one of the Swissport people suggested this - odd) the Fraport lady checked in with us again to see how we were going and even suggested a cafe across the road where we might be more comfortable (there is nowhere to sit in Mykonos airport (could his be another Swissport customer service initiative?) So maybe this is how they operate at Swissport and BA, I’ll be doing my best to let everyone know of our experience and in future I’ll do my best to steer clear of anything related to Swissport and British Airways and perhaps others should consider other more reliable customer focused carriers too.

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