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Georgia's complaint against Swissport

Georgia Finocchiaro


Terrible unhelpful staff

Complaint against Swissport

I had the unfortunate experience of the most obnoxious, entitled woman boarding us at Birmingham Airport. This was two years ago but I couldn't believe how rude and abusive she was. We had booked for 6 people, but only 2 of us made it in the end and she insisted we had to give up our cabin bags. When I explained we had booked six tickets and were only using two out of six seats, therefore there would certainly be enough space for two cabin bags she went mad, measured my cabin bag and made me pay an extra £50 and almost made me miss my flight. Let this sink in there were 3 police officers present at the gate. 3 police officers. This was the only time EVER I saw police officers at a departure gate. She made another guy miss his flight. Three police officers. I wonder why it was necessary? Well my question was answered as soon as that obnoxious, entitled, awful woman on a power trip opened her ugly mouth.

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