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Brendan's complaint against Swissport

Brendan Dowling



Complaint against Swissport

We arrived on Monday in Dublin (Family of four with small children. Our bags didn't arrive by Thursday 4 days later! No one contacted all this time. There was no information/ updates or call from anyone. I called so many times. The Dublin number is never answered at Dublin Airport. I left messages many times, again no one called back or replied. I went in complete frustration to the airport. We had no clothes/ underwear, toiletries medicine etc for 4 days. All i could do was talk on a swissport phone. There was no one and no desk to talk in person to a human being. When I did they person who was on the other line who sounded like they were 16 said they would go look and call me back in a minute. Half an hour later after waiting with my children I called again. No one knew about my call. Nothin had been done and the next girl who also sounded like a teenager said they they had probably just gone on a break. She told me to go away for a while and come back later!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had to go and wait with my children while they went off on a break and did nothing. This girl did then call back after I complained and simply said that she "couldn't find my bags and sorry" and was about to hang up on me. There was no information offered, no hope offered and no plan to do anything about it. I called back to another girl and complained and explained that this was unacceptable and after getting angry with her... she went and found my bags which where there all along. They didn't bring them out and simply give them to me. I was told that they would be sent to me. So I then had to rush back to receive them. Swissport is a complete Non- service. the staff and so bad it is ridiculous. How this company gets any service contracts is beyond me. My children would offer a better service. They are a complete disgrace and how we were treated was a complete disgrace. Thank god my childs ventolin medicine was not on the bags. Swissport are a disaster, worst company ever for customer care.

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