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Anastasia's complaint against Voyages Jules Verne

Anastasia Hackett


Poor Customer Service

Complaint against Voyages Jules Verne

A friend of mine and I signed up for the Splendors of Ecuador trip with Voyage Jules Verne. Because I had air miles we opted for independent arrival so that we could travel business class to Ecuador. We asked a Jules Verne travel agent to give us the schedule of flights for that particular trip on the date we were going so that we would be with the rest of the group. Said employee did so and we went ahead and booked the flights only to find out that the connection we should have made out of Bogotá was wrong. Instead of telling us to connect to Guyaquil, we were told to connect to Quito. When the mistake was discovered we went back to Jules Verne and pointed it out. They were insistent that we prove that this was information given to us. We finally pinpointed the date and time of the discussion and have preserved on our phones the exact schedule given to us which turned out to be for the shorter trip to Ecuador that they offered. They were going to look up the recording of the call. After days they returned to us, acknowledged it was their mistake and offered to pay the extra it would cost to switch the flights to Guyaquil. We were finally satisfied with that offer and accepted it. Weeks later they turned around and said head office refused to pay for the extra cost because they gave us the ‘right’ schedule. The very clearly did not, as they had admitted to us and we have proof of our own that they did not. The cost of the holiday was over £5000 and the cost of the additional flight came to less than £200 for the two of us. For this small amount of money this travel company is ready to lose two customers who in the next 12 months alone are spending tens of thousands of pounds on Jules Verne tours over a matter of £198! We are not worried about the money so much as the principle and justice of the matter. They very clearly gave the wrong information and caused a lot of time, trouble and stress (four days on the phone between the airlines and Jules Verne!!). I am on the verge of instigating a small claims court case against them for they way they treated us.

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