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Martine's complaint against Cardiff Bus

Martine Ford


Bus travel on 18th March 2017

Complaint against Cardiff Bus

I use Cardiff bus as I have recently been diagnosed with epilepsy (this is as well as my pre-existing conditions) and so cannot drive a car at the moment. I had tried on Friday but bus didn't turn up. I needed to go to Tesco Extra on Western Avenue to collect my medication. After planning my journey to catch the number 1 service I was at the bus stop in plenty of time to catch the number 1 service. I waited at the stop for nearly an hour in freezing conditions. I checked the live times on my phone and spoke to a lady called Nadia at your offices - twice. Neither Nadia or the live times could tell me when and if the bus was coming. I took a decision after checking with the driver to catch a number 65 even though it would take much longer. I was cold and starting to feel unwell and not to stress as this can cause me to fit. This bus then broke down and I was asked to leave the bus and wait in the cold. I wasn't even sure where I was! I had to collect my medication on Saturday as I had run out and bus didn't turn up the day before. I called a taxi with Capitol who took me to Tesco. I had again rang your colleague Nadia to inform her of this. When in Tesco I started to feel unwell and got a taxi home. both drivers were incredulous and both offered a receipt for their fares. I am disgusted at the lack of service I received and no duty of care undertaken by Cardiff Bus. Nadia said she would log a complaint and I stressed to her it was not personal to her and apologised if I had been rude. She assured me I had not been. I have had to pay out on two taxi fares and had also that morning renewed my week to go pass for two days travel I did not get. I am in receipt of benefits and cannot afford taxis or useless bus passes. I want someone from your organisation to contact me as soon as possible please. I would never complain normally but if you can appreciate how scary it is to try not to fit when you're frightened or stressed is not a good place to be. I made the driver of the number 65 aware of this. If I dot receive a response to this complaint I will have no recourse other than to bring this to the attention of ombudsman. I look forward to hearing from you in early course. Martine Ford

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