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Kamila's complaint against Kuoni Travel

Kamila Repetowski


Essential Japan with Kuoni - terrible experience

Complaint against Kuoni Travel

We have had Essential Japan Tour with Kuoni in October 2019. We are very disappointed about the holidays and that we have wasted our money. Those were quite expensive holidays and we have expected much more from Kuoni in regards of tour itinerary, our guide and level of services in general: As we lost some lunches and activities due to weather disrupts, after long and humiliating haggling, we were given welcome replacement lunch on last day of our tour (at the expense of sightseeing at castle Nijo in Kyoto, time for which was drastically shortened). As for Kamakura and Pirate Ship Cruise on Lake Ashi, no alternative activities were provided and no reimbursement offered (the funds must have been allocated for this Kuoni, which were not spent by them and which we have paid for within our holiday package price). We were supposed to have “Welcome Lunch”. Kuoni’s idea of welcome lunch was to hand each one of us in the group ¥ 2000.00 in cash while we were in Tokyo city center and to tell us to go and find ourselves some place to eat on our own. That was done in the time when we were supposed to see Harajuku district, effectively taking away all the time allocated for this. Whole travelling by trains and busses was arranged in a way that it happened during the best sightseeing hours, which resulted in coming to all objects and places 1-2 hours before they were closed and then rushing through them. The guide was unable or unwilling to provide any cultural or historic information about the places we were visiting. We had to persuade her to provide even basic information. Lunch was too early in general, i.e. 11am or 11:30am, which is unusual, this was mostly because the guide was always rushing through the daily agenda to leave us with “free afternoon” with nothing to do or see. Opur quide was quite inept in regards of taking care of people she was responsible for. There were no procedures in place for embarking and disembarking while using public transport. We never knew when to disembark and where to gather afterwards and where we were going next and what our final station was.

This reckless approach reached culmination in Kyoto, where one member of our group fallen asleep in the train and was not informed by our guide that we were supposed to disembark on next station. On our last day, we were supposed to see Nijo Castle in Kyoto. According to information displayed at the castle, recommended sightseeing tour should take 2 hours. Our guide decided that 45 minutes was more than enough and this was further shortened as we had replacement lunch. 
 Summing up: What was supposed to be dream holidays with Kuoni, turned out to be a nightmare 10 days with inept Kuoni and their unprofessional guide. Japan in amazing and beautiful country and does not deserve to be presented to tourists in a way that was done by Kuoni.

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