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Ruth's complaint against

Ruth Hattingh


Fight I can't use and no refund... Terrible!

Complaint against

Worst experience ever! Bought a ticket for my mother-in-law to visit over Christmas to see my kids, who haven't seen her in 4 years. I paid £800 for the fights. When we were sorting Visas out for her we realized that I had booked the ticket in her former surname- not the one on her current passport. I immediately contacted Lastminute (6 weeks ago) to get this rectified- and then the nightmare began.... I have called them so many times, and spent sooooo many hours on the phone, back and forth me asking them to update the name, them refusing to do it, me asking why it can't be done, they then blamed it on Air France and FlySAfair, I contacted them direct, and FlySafair changed the name-no problems, KLM/Air France said they can change it no problem, but Last minute have to do it, so I contact them again.... I have been fobbed off on every single phone call- none of which lasted less than 1/2 an hour.... now, with one week to go to her flight I am left with no other option but to by another ticket.... they seriously don't even care.... I was told yesterday absolutely they would get back to me by this morning (they have to contact Air France business to business department or something like that) no update all day, I call them this afternoon, and they tell me to wait 3 hours and I will hear back... a bit of a discussion ensues and then he says that they BtoB department for Air France is not open weekends.... of course I then realize he just lied to me. The 'manager' then tells me I have to phone Air France.... I phone Air France they tell me Last Minute have to do it..... I have been given the biggest run around I have ever experienced in my entire life.... Not a single one of them even pretended to care one tiny bit that she is not going to be getting on that plane.... It is clearly a way of then me having to cancel, and buy another ticket, they can then resell my ticket at a higher fair and not pay me a full refund either. So win win for them, loss, loss for the customer. My terms and conditions on the contact of sale, which I have with Lastminute clearly states that changes in name made in error can be corrected. The fact that they don't have the same T&Cs with their customer is frankly not my problem. LastMinute are in breach of contract.If I get a refund, it will only be a partial one, and I will have to wait 8 weeks for it!

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