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Mathew Dunne



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Ive recently booked a trip to amsterdam and contacted lastminute to pay the remaining balance of my trip which was nearly £500 to be told this has gone through sucessfully... pause oh sorry sir ive charged you twice i will issue a refund immeditaly then tries to change converstaion, so i stopped her asked her hows shes charged me twice. Oh sorry it was a mistake ive issued a refund tries to change conversation again so i stopped her again ans asked how long a refund will take to go through 5-15days sir tries to change conversation again so i stop her again tell her this is unacceptable i have no money left in my account how do you expect me to live for up to 15 days with money let me speak to your manager. I then get put on hold for 15 minutes an when she returns she then says oh the manager is not taking phone calls atm he is busy. To which i replied i dont care if hes busy youve just took an extra 500 out my account and left me with nothing you best go get your manager before i go to trading standards so i get put on hold for another 20 minutes and the manager finally gets on tbe phone and just basically says theres nothing they can do about it, it was just a mistake leaving me without any money in my account for 15 days and there sorry. Absolute joke!

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