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I feel the need to share my experience of last due to reading similar complaints on here. I had my holiday cancelled due to a BA strike and got a email from last minute that I would get a refund within several days. After repeatedly chasing I was then advised I would have to wait another 8 weeks for them to get refunded but no later. This was their max time frame. This is also after not only booking the cancelled holiday with them but a new holiday to replace the cancelled one. After repeatedly chasing during and after the 8 week mark and despite many promises it had been escalated and made a priority, I have still not received my refund. 11 weeks on and I am now being told it would be another 8 weeks. I asked if this was guaranteed after this point I would receive my refund, their customer service could not answer the question. They currently hold a large portion of my money over two packages and their customer service to this point has been appalling. They really don’t care that you’re a customer. I would always recommend them but if you have a issue then it all falls down. Managers refuse to come to the wharf phone. I’ve been promised more times of a refund which now could go 6 months and waiting. It’s not like I have this money spare!! I did the second booking based on a promise I’d get a refund within several days. Something their customer service said and I quote “it’s not true, it’s a generic email we send” I am so close to never using them again and have reported them to atol. They really have no care for customers when their service goes wrong. I expect to still be waiting for this refund by January ( at this point they still can’t tell me I’ll get it, even thought they have in writing) After this I think it maybe legal advise. A very poor service

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Peter Hammond | | VERIFIED

I wonder if anyone else has this situation! After the above, Last minute have today said I will get my refund in 15 days! it turns out right now this is only the flights and not the whole package! They have said they are still waiting a refund from the hotel! I decided to check this out and spoke to the hotel personally who advised no request has been received or would be honoured due to the time

Bill Sanderson | | VERIFIED

I accepted a voucher, back in April, for unused flight in March. It's October, and I am still waiting for it "to be processed". I have proof of the offer and it's showing as pending in my account area on their website, but as you say there is no way of discussing it with them. Shocking - just a cynical attempt to hang on to my money on a promise. They could still go into admin and I'd get nothing.

Diyana Popova | | VERIFIED

How do you actually contact for any answer? The phone numbers are not attended and I am cut off after the automated message. I am also waiting for a voucher since March with "to be processed" stage
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