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Claire's complaint against

Claire Thackray


Taken money without consent and will not repay it

Complaint against

am writing to complain about the service we have received from since last Saturday the 24th October 2015 when we booked a package trip to New York for over the Christmas and New Year period. Following extensive searching we found a package that suited us with Lastminute and booked this package at lunchtime on the 24th October. We provided debit card details for the full amount of £3414.92. We received an email immediately to confirm the booking had been received and were given the above reference number. The mail stated Lastminute were awaiting confirmation of the services requested and would mail confirmation as soon as this was done. We did not receive a mail confirming the booking so on Monday the 26th we started to chase this up. Last minute made no attempt to contact us at any point to explain in this period by either mail or phone. The first of 11 phone calls that day was made at 10.23am. The first successful call was made at 2.20pm when I spoke with a very unhelpful member of staff who advised me that the reason the booking had not been confirmed was due to the fact that the cost of the flights had increased by £1000 and I could either pay it or cancel the whole trip. I was very annoyed not only at the explanation but also the attitude of the member of staff.I requested a call back, that was promised, from a manager so we discuss and resolve the problem. The call back never came so at 5.45pm I called back and spoke to a lady in India called ***** who confirmed what I had been told earlier, that I had to pay another £1000 or cancel completely. We decided to cancel the trip completely due to the extra cost and the bad service we had received from Lastminute up to that point. I confirmed with Shaaiba that we could cancel without penalty and that no money would be taken from our account. She stated that as they couldnt provide the service at the price I had booked at this was fine and that nothing would be taken from my bank. I confirmed to her again I wanted to cancel everything and presumed that was the end of the matter and we could start searching for another trip with an alternative company. At approximately 9pm the very same evening Lastminute took £3414.92 from our account. I have tried, unsuccessfully since then to get our money back. Another 11 phone calls have been made from mine and my partners phone, and we can provide evidence of all calls if required. At 5.45pm today, the 28th of October we received a call from Lastminute. The line was very bad and the operator kept cutting out. I explained our problem and once again a very unsympathetic operator proceeded to tell me the hotel booking was confirmed and we would not get our money back. I disputed this and asked to speak to a manager, my request was refused and the operator kept repeating that the holiday was now confirmed and if we cancelled we would lose all our money. The operator would not listen to anything I said and after 7 mins and 20 seconds hung up on me. We have still never received a booking confirmation despite the operator being so adamant it was confirmed. We have found a contact number for Bravofly, the owners of Lastminute online tonight and called them as the attitude and service we got from the staff in India was totally unacceptable. I did get a much better response from Bravofly, I spoke to an agent called ***** who listened to my complaint and advised me of the information he had on his system. After hearing all my points he concluded that the error was made by Lastminute and a glitch in their system. He advised to resolve the issue I would need to email Lastminute to get my money back. I am absolutey disgusted by the service received from Lastminute and how your staff have treated me. I want an immediate refund of £3414.92 and acknowledgement that this is being dealt with urgently. I am sending a copy of this mail to Matthew Crummack via LinkedIn, a copy to Mark Tanzer, CEO of Abta, I am also sending copies to the BBC Watchdog, the citizens advice bureau and the Daily Telegraph. Please dont under estimate my determination to get the correct and proper result in this matter. If necessary I will also get legal advice. You have, as far as Im concerned, have £3414.92 of our money illegally and I expect it back immediately, I look forward to your speedy

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