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They canceled the order, but took £3000 from bank account!

Complaint against (Bravonext SA Chiasso NLD) took my money after cancelling the order! The amount they took is over GBP 3000.00! This is a lot of money! Now I have to claim the money back from my bank through a dispute. Unbelievable! I ordered a flight-and-hotel deal. I paid. The order was pending confirmation. On the next day I get an email telling me they failed to confirm the booking. I called my bank to see whether my money was taken. The GBP3000 was only "authorised", not taken yet. I called helpline to get an explanation, they say they could not confirm the flight and thus cancelled the whole deal. I asked about the money and whether I will be charged. They say it’s unlikely as they cancelled the deal. Next day, I check my bank account and it’s debited of over £3000! This is incredible! I am £3000 short now. In their cancelation email, they say: "Please note that it may take a few days for this amount to be shown in your account." A FEW DAYS? Like I have £3000 lying around like this. They are so quick in taking the money and why does it takes DAYS to refund? Why should I trust them to refund me? They are incapable of delivering in their core business (holidays); at that point I lost trust in them; so why should I trust them in refunding me?? Now I have to deal with my bank to get my money back. This kind of practices should be reported to the authorities. Why do they take the money when they know they could not deliver and cancelled the deal. Why don't they confirm the deal and then take the money?!?! £3000.00 is a lot of money for an individual - it's comparatively small for a company. This is asymmetrical. I lost trust in this brand,

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