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Afsar 's complaint against

Afsar Ali


Unprofessional Company, must be shut down ASAP

Complaint against

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like you to read this email as a matter of urgency. I am in the process of making a formal complaint to finanacial business ombudsman. This is due to the ongoing stress, distress, breaking of promises, mistreatment, break of code of conduct and lack of customer service.  As you will see from my booking reference I have been waiting for a cancellation quote email since July. I actually made the cancellation request back in March but for some reason it has been logged in July. As of today (17.9.19) I am yet to receive an email. A representative called me today for a payment but I refused as I previously requested for compensation. It is too late to go ahead with cancellation now as all holidays will be extremely expensive. The reason I requested for cancellation was because of the recent terror attack.  I am a single dad of 2 children, my 9 year old daughter was murdered in 2013 so I wanted to protect my children and take them somewhere safe and secure. It is extremely disappointing that I have been treated in this manner. I cannot afford to pay extra for cancellation nor can afford to book any other holidays as the prices have been rocketed up. Had I received the email as promised on numerous occasions by your staff I would been in a much healthier positions and would have had alot of options too. In total I have spent substantial amount of time on calls and days contacting last No one ever called back in fact you can see from the record managers promised to call but NEVER did. It was always me calling them and every time I was disappointed and heartbroken because they would just say that it has been escalated to the next stage and I would receive a call...NEVER DID. As mentioned above i am in the process of making a formal complaint to the Financial Business Ombudsman. They need to be aware of the misconduct and failure to comply with the regulations and customer service care. I have have used your service previously on many occasions so it is sad that I had to go all through this. I don't want to go down that route but you leave me with no options.  I will advise my bank not to issue any money and if this was to go in front of a judge then not only would I be entitled to my deposit money, I will also be entitled to a compensation. I am happy to go ahead with the package and withdraw my application to the Financial Business Ombudsman as long as you treat me fairly and offer me compensation which something that I strongly believe that I am rightly entitled. I want to continue to use last minute however it all depends on how much you care for your customers.

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