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randy's complaint against Holiday Discount Centre

randy manuel


[LAPSED] I am being billed for something I do not want .

Complaint against Holiday Discount Centre

I am 74 years old on single pension when your person called me I made it very clear I do not travel I live alone and I cannot afford this discount club .now I found out you have been billing my credit card which you need to refund I was ver specific with the one who called I do not want this service what part of do not want does she not understand this was prior to any billing date . this is nothing more then fraud I discussed with the bank and I .am ready to send this to scotia bank fraud if you cancel right away I will not proceed if I get anothr charge I will proceen . now I have another one same place billing me again same amount for discount shopping bot have same address . I do not subsrribe to any of this stuff and did not in anyway okay being billed same deal stop and I will not put through scatia fraud . if I get billed again I will invoice you through collection agency for money you owe me I never even got anything about either deal only fraud billing .

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Hi, I think you have wrote this review in the wrong Forum. Holiday Discount Centre is a comparison site, we do not take money from customers. I hope you managed to get this resolved with the correct company.
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