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TOSLIMA's complaint against Holiday Discount Centre



[LAPSED] I am disgusted with the service! And misleading of information given to me by the staff

Complaint against Holiday Discount Centre

I called on the 9th September and spoke to a man called Keith who gave me a quote to Antalya-Turkey £215pp including transfer hotel flights and one luggage. I wanted for two people! So I went ahead with the process and got told another £13.00 charge will be made towards the use of card which I agreed too. After agreeing to process the booking he hanged up on me and calls me back 30 minutes later saying the flight times he first gave me isn't available and there's other one available but I have to add £29.00 pp on top. ( but this time there won't be no baggage allowance) so he added another £30 each on top and goes the balance is £501.00 but will give it to me for £499.00 and I stupidly said ok. I'm 4 months pregnant and wanted this break just before I give birth also being an anniversary get away with my husband. I am so heart broken and angry that I was mislead by information by Keith. After agreeing he hanged up on me and said he will call me back in 10 mins and there was no call back! I called back and some one else answered called Nicholas and was telling me Keith had left to go home and will be in Tommorow ( so when I gave him my name) he goes oh yeah ur booking has been done and you should received all the documents via email in the next 24 hours. So what happen to Keith calling me back? I just gave my card details he hanged up on me twice and kept adding price and then when this Nicholas guy was talking he as very cheeky and laughing with his colleges at the back I asked him what's funny and he replies oh nothing. This is utter disgusting. Me and my husband work hard for our money and deserve a break ones in a while not to be used and treated like crap by these scams who' can't be truthful to themselves. And I told Keith I'm pregnant!! It's not fair! Not I'm sitting here worried and stressing ( which isn't good for me at this stage) if they charged me twice on my card and will I get my refund back because really and truly it's better of booking from other sites knowning they are truthful and loyal to their words unlike this company. I am not bloodly happy at all!!! and I will be calling back, and cancelling this booking.i feel like crying it's not a matter of few pounds it's hundreds involved and the fact that they toro use you a service of pure deceive. It's not fair.

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Lapsed. TOSLIMA has not responded in 90 days

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Hello Toslima, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am disappointed to hear about your experience using an independent travel company who features holidays on our comparison site. As we are not a travel agency it was not ourselves who you spoke to; I do appreciate this was from some time ago but if you could provide me with the name of the travel company...


which you spoke with and I will make sure this review is passed over Please contact me at [email protected] and I would be more than happy to discuss this further with you. Thanks, Vicky
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