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Karen's complaint against Holiday Discount Centre

Karen North


[RESPONDED] Regarding holiday

Complaint against Holiday Discount Centre

On 24th of april at 1 oclock i rang holuday discount center regarding a holiday to alcudia i gave them the ref no for the holiday etc for me and a friend . I was told it had all gone through but had to put us through to a different department to confirm the booking. After getting through i was told that the system had gone down but they would ring straight back . However after an hour of no phone call i decided to ring back but was once again told that the system was still down. So after waiting another hour i rang back to be told that the holiday was now £650.00 of which i tried to explain to them that it was only £509.00when we were first told it had all go e through. However it had also gone from all inclusive to half board. When i then told the gentleman that i was cancelling the holiday then he told me that there would be a £60.00 charge each for the cancellation. I told him that how can thhat be possible when we have had no comfirmation etc . So because we did not want to lose £60.00 each we had to reluctently go for a differnt hotel . To be fair we wernt happy with this choice but we felt under pressure from your agent. Can you tell me if this is your common practice to charge people cancellation fees when you havent even given comformation of the tickets etc. Iam very disappoin ted in how i was treated when we did choose another hotel i asked the agent wbo was paying the cancellation fee on the hotel that we had tried to cancel of which he replied your company would. Which i do ot believe at all. I hope something can be sorted over this as i feel myself and my friend have been very unfairly treated. And if nothing is sorted i will have no other choice but to go to ombudsman or abta myself and my friend cannot understand how we were being charged for a cancellation when we hadnt even had confarmation. I asked your agent 3 times of anymore charges were to be addaed and he said no then just before payment went through he then started adding charges on for admin and booki g fees thats when we tried to cancel. The first phone call we made was at 1.0clock if you would like to listen to the recordings. Our holiday to a place we didnt really want was finally booked at 5 . I hope this matter can e resolved asap.

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Hello Karen, I'm sorry you have experienced problems with Holiday Discount Centre, and I'm keen to get the bottom of this for you. As Holiday Discount Centre are a price comparison site - bookings are made with the advertiser rather than the website. However, please message/email me with your booking reference and the name of the advertiser you have had dealings with and I will pass


this on to the correct company and follow this up for you. Kind Regards Vicky Liddle PR Representative - HDC [email protected]

Karen North | | VERIFIED

Dear Vicky thanyyou for your quick response, my booking reference no is CCH42418 and the agents name is Mazammil. Regards Karen North
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