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Mohammed's complaint against Spanish Consulate

Mohammed Kilani


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Complaint against Spanish Consulate

I had applied for a business visa a month and a half ago including all required documents . the employee who processed the visa made a mistake with the date granted which does not suit my travel needs. at this point i had already paid around 250 USD for their terrible service through BLS. First encounter - I emailed the embassy to what is supposed to be an email that they monitor, any self-respecting organization would reply within 1 to 3 business days. but of course they had not since 15 days. during those 15 days i spend at least 3 days calling, but again any entity with the lowest standard of self-respect would answer a phone call but , again not the Spanish consulate. Second encounter - I decide that since business needs require that i travel to Spain, that i will need to visit the embassy to see how this issue can be fixed. the first time i went, the poor security guard standing outside, who know nothing about visas rejected my entry. after i had explained the situation to him two times in a nice and civilized manner which did not work, i had to use a higher and more demanding tone. To which he said, ok i will talk to someone inside ( i am still not in the embassy premises). after waiting for a 45 minutes a woman shows up seemingly nice and helpful. once i explained the situation she had mentioned that that’s it for now. I will need to apply again but i do not have time. money is lost for this first attempt even though it’s a mistake form the embassy. She also added that there is nothing they can do to fix what happened. She lied to my face outright. I had to mention to her that this embassy, and others had done similar mistakes in the past ( of course with no consideration to the applicant). And that this same passport i am holding has a visa that was issued wrong but was voided without prejudice and another was processed for the correct amount of time. At this point she said, fine but the responsible person has already left and requested me to come tomorrow. I smiled and said sure, and thank you very much thinking that a solution is finally in the horizon. Third encounter - I went the next day as per instructions. After waiting for the usual 1 hour till her majesty came out. She apologies; the responsible person is actually away on vacations until end of year. please come back in 4 days. Fourth encounter - keeping in mind, all those visits have to take place during a working day morning until 1pm my work was suffering but i still had to travel for a very important business matter. never the less, the careless employees showed up on that day after an hour and a half of me waiting, Spanish people walking up into the embassy and passing in front of me and others who were waiting. Yes they might have had appointments but so did I (not officially but its due to their mistake , and request to come back). The god for-saken employee responsible for the visa processing finally shows up. all looking careless , bothered , not happy to be out to talk to a commoner who dares to interrupt his daily sleep. He said, yes we did a mistake. i will reprocess your visa come back on the 9th it will be ready by then for sure. And that was the amazing end to this struggle and i was so happy and sorted out the rest of travel arrangements after. Or that’s what i though. Fourth encounter - 9th of Jan is finally here, but my visa is not. Mr. Savior, light behind his head responsible employee is on vacation and no one knows where my passport is. After a verbal brawl with the security guard who said - he is not here and signaled to me with his hand that i should leave, go home , send an email and wait for a response. I said i sent multiple emails 18 days ago but no one answered till now. I am travelling tonight , sir. The poor man know little about visas that i had to explain; you see one month ago i got an invitation letter from my employer in Spain another letter from them locally saying they do not mind me travelling and other personal details about my job, a bank statement, travel history ( i have been to Europe 6 times so far) salary slip, airplane booking and hotel booking (imagine the financial burden) and a letter from my self-explaining the reason for me daring to visit Spain. The poor guy felt for me. Or very poor me at this point having travel compromised. it’s been 4 times that i came just to rectify the visa error made by your employees. The respectable man had to do something out of the usual to do what felt like getting royalty to step down from his/her white house to address a commoner figuratively smudged in dirt. the dirt of having to ask for a visa from the Spanish embassy. he stopped one of the employees and said very politely this gentleman needs to talk to you. with a good amount of disperse, surprise and total discontentment she looked at me with the edge of her eyes and said me? Why? I addressed her with a nice smile and said my passport is under processing at your embassy and i was promised by Mr.X that i will have it by the 9th. there was a mistake done from your side and i brought the passport 9 days ago to get the visa rectified. With all her greater beatitude , she said then it is under processing. and left. the first lady who lied to me earlier showed up and said, oh sorry. it is still not processed. It is our mistake that this happened i cannot help you with anything. It is one thing that employees are lazy, go on vacation and do not delegate , treat applicants with disperse but it’s another that the embassy has no clear procedures for appeal, no system to manage and handle passports and has not performance indicators to weather phones and emails are being answered. The disrespect dis-concern is deeply rooted within the procedures and processes related to issuing visas. You can even see it if you end up having to visit the place. I had to cancel my travel plans eventually. This is what it had cost me so far , for a failed attempt to get the visa due to the embassy’s’ shortcomings: 1- Hotel cancelation 150 USD 2- Air ticket cancelation 160 USD (lucky I got a refundable ticket) 3- Visa application fees 250 USD 4- Personally photos 10 USD 5- Bank statement 10 USD 6- Roughly 5 hours of waiting during working days.

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