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Francheska's complaint against Spanish Consulate

Francheska Goodfellow


BLS poor support of visa service

Complaint against Spanish Consulate

Clearly your subcontractor BLS is failing to provide an acceptable grade of service judging by my experience today. I attended as requested 10 minutes early for a 1345 BST appointment. On arrival asked if they were working to time or any delay and were told to time. I then discovered this was anything but the case. Indeed, with a ticket number 80 provided on arrival, at 1426 BST they were only calling number 75 and 60 people waiting. When 97 was called in advance for a child with parents at 1436. Those waiting complained and they agreed not to do. At 1447 BST 79 was called. Ticket 80 was finally called at 1500 BST, one hour and 15 mins late. 4 server desks seen inside but only two appeared in use. At no stage any explanation was given.

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