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Evita's complaint against Novasol

Evita Hovorun


Dirty house,horrible customer service

Complaint against Novasol

My first booking which I made In December, booking 5353344, was cancelled. The reason was the owner sold the house. The Novasol company then provided me apartments and another property to make up to the mishap but it was unsuitable for our request. I had to undergo horrible stress because it was a week before we arrived. I have two kids and two disabled parents with me. After numerous calls I had to find a better alternative on your website because yours were unsuitable. And lastly, before arriving to the house after 12 hours of driving, I had to ring Pedro because I got an email telling me to ring an hour before arriving. But Pedro had told me over the phone that he wasn’t responsible for the keys anymore because of changes and I was furious because nobody told me. Furthermore Pedro had to find out who had the keys and after a few more calls we got in touch with a person who isn’t even your staff in the Novasol company. She then came to open the house. When she opened the house it’s stunk so bad, the house wasn’t ventilated and smelled musty and moldy. She only opened the house and took €100 for cleaning without providing an invoice or receipt. When the kids showered, we saw how disgusting the bathrooms were. It was so dirty. The floors in the house were filthy and after walking on it you could see on your soles the dirt. Next morning when the sun creeped into the house the sun shined on to all the surfaces and it wasn’t only crumbs beside the toaster (which looked like it came from a salvage yard). We started to open the cupboards and all the dishes smelled like mold and all the cups stinked and to this day we don’t use the cups and plates provided because we don’t think it’s safe or sanitary. The fridge doesn’t work and we called twice and nobody came and my husband had to fix it all himself, it also smelled just like the dishwasher and almost everything else in the house. In one of the bedrooms, there is a bed provided where one bed comes out from another, we couldn’t pull the bed out and we had move the move the entire furniture to get somewhere to sleep because we were exhausted. Many of the plugs were left in an unsafe state, there were wires sticking out and I was scared for my children because one of the plugs in the kids room was open. The big bedrooms wardrobe is unusable because of the musty moldy smell and we have to hang them elsewhere. The washing machine must have been dirty inside because when we washed our clothes they came out dirtier than they were going in and there were stains too. Vacuum was dirty and there was no vacuum bag inside, house doesn’t even have a brush and I had to buy one myself just to make sure it was somewhat clean. The outside furniture started to break when we moved it and one of the window handles are also broke. The house cost me €1300 for two weeks, for this money I expected a clean and safe place for me and my family. I expected fully functional equipment and I got the opposite and I’m upset and even more stressed than before. It’s very bad customer service and I expected more from Novasol. I hope this is enough for you to return my €100 atleast because I had to clean everything myself. I’ll send you the photos now.

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