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Geoffrey's complaint against Novasol



[RESPONDED] Surprise Excessive Extras

Complaint against Novasol

I booked a stay in Apartment Estepona with the hotel booking site. Everything looked OK - expensive but it looked worth it. I then received an email from Novasol saying they were the agent responsible and I had to pay them - which I did. Then I was told that I had to contact a 3rd company in order to get the keys - a local agent I thought. But no - AFTER having paid for the apartment i was told that I would have to pay an additional 65% - SIXTY FIVE PER CENT!!!! - to get linen, towels etc and have the apartment cleaned. I had no choice - no way of getting my money back, my flights and car hire booked and paid for - I had to pay. This is outrageous - if I book a hotel I do not have to pay extra for cleaning and linen - why is this any different? And why such an exhorbitant sum? And why was I not told of this BEFORE I paid Novasol? I would love to be able to publiciise this but there is no way - Tripadvisor will not accept my review and there i sno way on to do it either. Novasol only accept and publish positive reviews.

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Novasol - This fails entirely to address the issues I raised. I booked through not your website as i wrote above. If all you are interested in is "appearing" to care for your customers then there is little point in you responding. You had a chance to show that you do actually care and you chose to try to deflect attention away from the issue. It says a lot about you and your company.

Georgia Gaskell | | VERIFIED

Hi Geoffrey, Sorry to hear about your surprise at the extra consumption costs. We are taking steps on our new website design to improve the booking process, although these costs are mentioned a few times before you book. You can send your complaint to [email protected] should you want to speak to our customer service team, or see any of our other review sites for unfiltered reviews. Thanks!
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