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Inmaculada's complaint against Omega Travel

Inmaculada Alted


I was given wrong information by the travel agent which led me to miss my flight

Complaint against Omega Travel

I booked a flight from London to Japan with omega travel on July 6th this year. I got confirmation of payment and e-tickets. The flight was due on the 23rd of October, returning to the UK on the 3rd of November, but on the 14th of October I was informed via text that there was a change on the itinerary and to contact the company for further information. I did so on the 19th of October and the lady I spoke with said my payment had not gone through and my reservation had been cancelled. I argued that the payment had definitely left my account but she insisted the payment had been held somewhere and since my booking was now cancelled the money would go back into my account. She seemed to think the issue was with my card. I asked her whether I could make a payment with a different card and she repeated the booking was cancelled and I would need to start from scratch and book a new flight. I was outraged that I hadn't been informed earlier as to book a new ticket in such sort notice was going to be really expensive. But I had no choice so I rebooked with a different company for the exact same dates. I rang again two weeks later on the 1st of November as I still hadn't received the refund. The lady I spoke with this time confirmed that the payment had failed on the 15th of July and advised me to contact my bank to find out why it hadn't reached my account yet. And so I did. When I called my bank however I was told the money had indeed gone to omega travel on the 6th of July. I explained to the bank that my booking had been cancelled and I had not taken the flight and they opened a dispute with omega travel. I thought that would be the end of it and I would get a refund once the bank got clarification of the misunderstanding however to my surprise omega travel argued back that e-tickets had been issued and payment authorised by myself. Which is true, but then, why did my booking got cancelled? I have tried calling customer service 5 times today and each time the line has cut off after spending time trying to explain the situation to 5 different operators. Nobody has rang me back. One of them told me that my booking wasn't cancelled but rescheduled and because I didn't tell them that I wanted a refund before the departure time now the airline wouldn't refund me. However this is not a problem with the airline, this is a problem with omega travel giving me the wrong information (twice) which caused me to spend more money on a new ticket and missed the chance to get a refund from the original airline that I was entitled to

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