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Nashima's complaint against Travelodge



Technical problem whilst booking which resulted me having to pay extra to fix it

Complaint against Travelodge

I made a booking online for the 27th october 2015. However once I had paid for it and received my confirmation email I was shocked to see the check in date as 28 October and check out 29 October. When i called the hotel the guy I spoke to was not helpful at all and spoke very rudely. I asked if I could speak to the manager but he kept saying 'the manager will not be able to help'. In the end he said 'we seem to be going round in circles so i will need to end this call' and so he disconnected the call. I called again and the same guy had answered. This time he was pretending not to hear me and disconnected the line. The third time I rang I made my husband talk. The same guy had answered and he gave us a number to call. When we had called that number the guy who answered said theres nothing he can do about it as well and that I would need to speak to customer services. But i was under the impression I had called customer services. I went round and round in circles and my problem was not resolved. In the end to save my date I paid £5 extra. I should not have had to do that as this was not my fault. It was a technical error from their end and it seemed i had to pay the price for it. I did not expect this from Travelodge.

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