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Jack's complaint against P&O Cruises

Jack Duke


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Complaint against P\u0026O Cruises

Hello, In June my partner and I went on P&O Arcadia for a cruise around the Med and returned to Southampton on 1st July. As per usual your deduction account is supposed to arrive evening prior to departure. The account on other lines is pushed under the door so you find it in the morning. We got ours on going off to breakfast on the 1st. where it was tucked into a bracket in the corridor. We had decided that we would personally pay the tip to our selected room steward, waiters, etc. so I did not take kindly to seeing i was being charged over £200 for gratuities. Upon enquiry I was directed to the Reception Desk where a host of other passengers were on a similar mission. Explaining that I did not want to pay this extra charge the girl mentioned it to what seemed to be the senior rep who indicated that was OK and the charge would not stand with the reassurance that both items were struck thru by pen and the reduced total entered on the bill. I must point out that folk were disembarking at this time so were all off immediately as satisfied customers on our way home. Imagine my surprise when seeing my bank statement for the month to find that on the 8th of July Arcadia had stopped the full £369.05 account. Unfortunately I did not keep the original account statement for the 1st. but I cannot believe I was the only passenger cheated in this way.

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