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madiba's complaint against Flights Experts

madiba mahlangu


company failing to find me a flight or refund my money

Complaint against Flights Experts

i booked 3 flight tickets for my family in April,it was agreed the cost of £1985 would be paid in instalments and the tickets will be issued upon payment completion. I paid in full on the 31st of July , i have since struggled to be issued with flight tickets as previously agreed, i have also requested my full refund as the company is failing to deliver on our deal but i have been told that i can not get the full amount as they have to charge ridiculous cancellation fees(£300 per cancellation),I am not willing to pay this as i am the one who is wronged and therefore want my full amount .Be careful and not fall into the same trap as me. It is advisable to buy tickets from airlines direct, rather bank the money on the side until its enough because they wont issue the tickets before you pay anyway,thats if they will issue it.

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