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Ann-Marie's complaint against Flights Experts

Ann-Marie Cousins


Failure to book tickets and Reluctance to reimburse funds

Complaint against Flights Experts

Before final payment, I checked & confirmed the flight details and costs with Flights Expert. They confirmed everything before I paid the balance. One day later they sent me an email saying that the price has increased. I was furious! I have asked them to reimburse my funds but they are instead harassing me with calls and emails to take another totally unsuitable flight - in terms of days and airport etc. They say they are offering me good customer service seemingly impervious to the fact that they have caused tremendous distress as I had very specific plans. What is also annoying is that the price I had paid was already nearly double what the 'offer' price was in the first place. I will never use this Agency again and will book direct myself next time.

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Shaun Collins | | VERIFIED

There are 2 companies with the same name. are a genuine ATOL protected company based in London, however, are a fraudulent company based overseas who are misusing the real companies name to defraud people, Police and Google has been notified about their activites but with no result as yet! Always pay with a debit or credit card for flights.

Ann-Marie Cousins | | VERIFIED

I booked direct with the airline back in 2017. The airline informed me that they had indeed tried to book my flight but clearly not being a properly registered travel agent they had not realised the price was much greater than they thought it was. I had to book another flight whislt they still had my money. It took some time but I persevered and eventually got back all but 5pds of my outlay.

Ann-Marie Cousins | | VERIFIED

A very big lesson learned at the time and yes thankfully all payments were done by credit card.
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