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Tj’ien's complaint against NH Hotel Group

Tj’ien Twijnstra



Complaint against NH Hotel Group

I’d like to file a complaint about NH Hotel, their pricing policy and their unwillingness to deliver customer service. Their room pricing switches continuously, even if you check the same room with the same date on their own website. Next to that they seem to make a policy about making prepaid rooms non cancelable just before they introduce discount offers. Filing a complaint directly at NH brought me nothing but “that’s policy”. I didn’t receive any form of offer to make me feel less bad about the situation. They didn’t feel the need to help me. Filling in a feedback form provides you with a 15% discount. Trying to use that discount voucher results in a price that’s higher than regular price. All in all, my usually good experience with NH is completely ruined this the last month or so where they seem to completely disregard the feeling of a regular customer. I’d like to warn other customers that you don’t ever use the prepaid option with NH as it will only lead to disappointment. Don’t be fooled by the prepaid prices and non cancelable offers. There will be better offers and they will be cancelable. I’m not looking forward to visiting the hotel now that they don’t care about me. What a waste...

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