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Emma's complaint against Rail Discoveries

Emma Jayne



Complaint against Rail Discoveries

This letter of complaint regards lack of information and poor management of an issue on a train, and the quality of the hotel used. After taking the Eurostar from London to Brussels and London to Koln, we boarded a third train. Cabin 25 air conditioning broken and no windows to open! We went to get cold drinks and walking through other carriages these had windows open and A/C, complained to tour manager we was going to move and not sit with the group. Shortly after this people told to get out of cabin 25 and find other seats, whereby the other seats available for myself and travel companion were separated. The train was delayed by 30mins. As we was getting off, we walked back to Cabin 25, where the lady was taking off "out of order A/C" signs! The tour manager didn't keep us up to date often enough during this. We felt like we were expected to sit in the hot cabin, to put up and shut up while the tour manager stood in the cool food cabin, indeed the train conductor sorted this out, as the tour manager did not confirm he had complained about this issue himself. This was an awful start to what should be an enjoyable holiday. Upon getting on the coach at 7.50pm, the tour manager said nothing regarding the heating and delay issue that we had all just went suffered. Pretty bad. Not clear on the travel itinery that there was three trains and a coach ride! We was ready at 7.40am and we got in at 9pm! This was a 12hour day, including the short delay and detour on the last train. We understand heat and train delays cannot be helped but it is the way the issue was delt with is why this complaint is written. The Der Achtermann hotel. Checking into the hotel with the tour manager went smoothly, we had all been allocated a room. We went down to the restaurant, and had food. Food was OK - nothing was labelled so just pick and hope for the best. Upon leaving we was called to pay for the tea which we had, which we thought was included in our rate (with the tour company), we was told it was 5.80euros, we asked the reptionist if we got any freebies and she said "free" and pulled a face, and then said no. She had no idea of customer service ! (Definitely agree with other comments on this.) We went upstairs to floor 4 to our room 411, upon walking into the room we assumed it was a hostel, the tiny room needed gutting and redoing. Very outdated and had cobwebs in the corridor outside. We looked around checked the bathroom which was also tiny and came out, thinking it was bad for the company to use this hotel and think it was acceptable for the amount of money paid. The room looked nothing like the photos the hotel use online. We went downstairs to ask the hotel receptionist if there was any other rooms, "is that the best room there is" in a polite way. She pretended to not know what that meant, and then said that they were fully booked. Upon checking booking.com after this conversation we found 4 rooms were available. So that was a lie. We then asked for a fan as the room was very warm, but she said she was unsure as most people had asked for them. At this point we was fed up of the bad customer service ourselves. We went down to the dining room to ask our tour manager about the room and he came to look at our room and agreed. The tour manager said this is the first time he had been in the hotel and he had been given a single person room. So we made to feel like there wasn't an issue. He asked the receptionist without us standing nearby- as having us there as well they would likely say no( this is what the tour manager said) Luckily someone on the tour that day had cancelled and we were moved to room 420 down the hall. Which was more lofty, had a writing desk, two chairs and was overall larger. We then said to the tour manager is it possible to get a fan for the room and he said he would ask. And sure enough we got a fan. This hotel provides bad customer service this is due to thems receiving monies for the holiday before we can see for ourselves what it is like. They couldnt care less as you've already paid! No wonder this hotel is not being used by yourselves next year, no surprise. We also found staff surly when dealing with our issues. Another issue was with the dinners booked in restaurants, is that they were booked for 7.30pm, with no allowance for going earlier. This is bad and needs to be flexible giving a window to go an eat food. The tour manager informed us he doesn't work for rail discoveries and he is self-employed. The hotel staff were unhelpful and the tour manager gave us the impression his room was small anyway and he couldn't be bothered. People don't complain for fun, we just wanted a nice holiday. Alongside this, the water pressure in the hotel was not good at all. Day 3. Another issue was that on day 3, going up the Brocken railway took 3 hrs where we got to the top and was only given 1hr to go round the site! It was a lovely place and we half walked round and couldn't do any more walks. Coming back took another 3hrs where we had to wait 1hr for the coach, this could have been spent at the site. Two other couples we spoke to that day agreed. Day 4. The hotels hot water did not work - due to a broken pipe. In Quedlinburg we was given 4hrs and most of the shops were shops shut! Food. On two of the days we went out for dinner.  According to other guests the buffet choice for day 3 was bad, luckily we had gone out that evening. The Brauhouse food choice was poor too, so decided not to go to that again. This is our 7th holiday this year and it has been the worst one. We was going to book another trip next year but your choice of hotels are bad so we won't bother. We have not got any due to this.

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