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Les's complaint against Rail Discoveries

Les Craig



Complaint against Rail Discoveries

On holiday with raildiscoveries. In Antwerp, from the 16th April til the 20 th inst, floral tour, I encountered a problem that I had not been informed of by Raildiscoveries even though this was prevalent in Antwerp.......Mosquitoes ... The weather was hot and at no time ( either in the handbook or from the guide ) was this brought to our notice. Consequently I was bitten so badly that it covered the upper part of my body almost completely and still shows no sign of going. I feel quite angry that this lack of information has affected me so much. I da ask that this is made clear in your advertising of this trip in future. Thank you

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dee donworth | | VERIFIED

beware of the tiny print when booking. if you die or seriously injured up to a month before the travel date, you will lose virtually all your money. getting back 15% if you are lucky ! then fight with the travel insurance company who also charge you again.! what ever documents you have, they will fleece you.

dee donworth | | VERIFIED

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