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Olga's complaint against Ryanair

Olga Panagiotopoulou


Avoid at all costs at the end it’s not worth the trouble

Complaint against Ryanair

Ryanair has delayed our flight for more than 4.5hrs yesterday flying from Athens to London claiming some sort of security breach in the airport.. they have been extremely unprofessional in handling the delay as they have held us in the gate for about an hour, then another hour in the plane and finally have made us go up and down in exterior stairs on a very cold,windy and rainy day carrying our luggage so they can check us all in again only to leave Athens at 17:25 instead of 12:45 that was the original departure time. We have paid for priority but they have been completely incapable of handling the lines of people and very rude in giving explanations. We had booked a second flight with Ryanair to Edinburgh with 4 hrs difference from what was supposed to be our arrival time in London (flight would arrive 14:45 and the Edinburgh flight was leaving 19:05) which of course we lost and Ryanair claims they do point-to-point trips so they don’t consider this a connecting flight.. they haven’t done the slightest thing to accommodate us for all these hours not even a bottle of water and furthermore the staff was still pushing for the ridiculous products on-air, commenting while laughing “ if you feel lucky today you might want to buy our scratch and win cards”.. yes Ryanair .. we felt very lucky! Upon arrival at Stansted no one was available to help get us to the next available flight to Edinburgh and the line at Ryanair’s desk was 30 people with only 2 desk clerks.. we ended up booking new tickets to Edinburgh with Easy jet today that cost us about 160eur per person and spent the night in a lovely guesthouse near Stansted.. so Ryanair’s delay has cost us time, peace and about 550eur ( we are three people) including overnight and transfer costs.. does it make sense to file a claim against Ryanair or it isn’t even worth to spend more time on this matter? I hear they never compensate their clients.. so frustrating but I guess we shouldn’t use this company .. they lure you with competitive rates and then try to take advantage of you any given chance.. Avoid this airline at all costs as you most probably end up paying what would be a reputable airlines fare without all the trouble that comes with Ryanair..

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