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JAYDE's complaint against Ryanair



Charged Excess baggage fee after being allowed to board the plane(with baggage in question)

Complaint against Ryanair

Whilst queuing to board Ryanair flight 8322 at 11:10 from Valencia to Stansted the airline staff checked boarding passes and luggage of passengers. The lady placed a yellow free gate bag sticker on my hand luggage. She didn't place one on my friends as she stated it was too big but made no reference to my bag being too big nor did she mention it being forbidden for duty free shopping to go through. As we got to the gate I went ahead of my friend and the lady (who described herself as a supervisor) allowed me through the gate with my hand luggage, my hand bag and cigarettes in a duty free shopping bag. I hesitated as I went through the gate to check my friend behind me was able to board the flight with her luggage. As I continued to board the plane the supervisor then started shouting saying I need to come back through the gate for my luggage to be checked. She said I was not allowed the 3rd duty free shopping bag and needed to place it inside my hand luggage. My hand luggage was the same size as on my outbound journey with Ryanair, the only difference was that I was being told to put duty free cigarettes inside my bag this caused it not to fit within the bag measurement restrictions as I tried to rearrange my luggage as had been asked of me, the staff became increasingly aggressive. The supervisor shouted "this is the last time I tell you, you have to leave your bag or pay the €50!!". There was no need for her to speak to me like that because I had not disputed paying the €50, I just asked why she had let me through the gate at first then change her mind? Why a free gate sticker had been placed on my bag? And why the staff checking passengers pre-boarding never mentioned (when she saw us on 3 occasions in the queue) that the duty free shopping was not allowed? Furthermore there were no signs saying that duty shopping bags were forbidden outside of hand luggage. I posed these questions to staff whilst they were taking my credit card details. The supervisor shouted even more saying her decision was final and she had told me so many times. There was clearly a miscommunication issue because she was unable to answer any of my questions. She shouted at me as if I was a child which I found extremely humiliating and embarrassing in front of all the other customers. This was the most appalling customer service experience I have ever received, it was very degrading and unforgivably rude. The lack of consistency in regards to decision making of staff whilst boarding at this gate was the worst I have ever seen! When I was originally allowed through the gate if I had continued without waiting for my friend she would not have charged me €50. If she had made a clear concise decision to charge me from the start I would not be making this complaint, furthermore if staff checking the queue where more informative then I could have rearranged my bags while waiting in line for half an hour rather than being shouted at in the front of the queue. I was rushed, hurried and offended by the staff who kept saying I was going to miss my flight due to me gathering my belongings, when in the end the flight did not depart at scheduled time and passengers ended up waiting anyway. Very disappointing. Also to add to that there were several people on my flight with a hand bag, hand luggage and a plastic bag(some of which were not duty free) these people were let through without charge. I would like to suggest some customer service training and a course in common courtesy/manners would be highly recommended to those particular members of staff. I would like to request refund and compensation for the distress, embarrassment, humiliation and poor customer experience. I would like to use Ryanair to travel again as I have had many more positive experiences than negative with the company. However as mentioned before the behaviour of the staff was unacceptable.

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