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Lukasz's complaint against Ryanair

Lukasz Bunar


lack of support and help person on wheelchair

Complaint against Ryanair

I am writing to complaint about service my dad received in stansted and Rzeszow airport. on 20th of may i phoned to ryanair to add a wheelchair to my dads booking as he had an accident and broke his foot. He print out new ticket with stated wheelchair on it . everything was fine until he get to the destination gate number 37. Staff was surprised that there is passanger on wheelchar .nobody give information where he should go or advice where the lifts are they just told him to wait on the side until all other passangers where let through to the exit and to the aircraft .nobody ask if there is a support or help needed he was just ignored. in this situation my father was forced to walk on his broken foot from gate no 37 to the aircraft what make his foot even worse and more swollen and painfull!! When they arrived to Poland on Rzeszow airport also nobody provide support even staff on board the aircraft asked there a help needed !my dad coldnt stand on his foot and again had to walk all the way from the aircraft to the airport building where my mum had to ask staff to provide wheelchair. after this my dad suffered a horrible pain and possible even worse injury. I contacted Aviaton consumer panel and they confirm this kind of customer service is unacceptable. my dad didnt pay for extra service but injury he suffered got worse and more panfull as he walk on broken foot. Ryanair was informed about this situation hours before flight what gave plenty of time to provide required service Ryanair also should inform Rzeszow airport in Poland that one of passangeres is not able to walk by himself. Because my dad with injured foot had to walk without any help and support i would like to raise a complaint and expect compansaition for psychical and physical Injury he sufferd during this time I also contacted citizen advice customer service for the advice and they also agreed this should be reviewed .Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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