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Alexandra 's complaint against Ryanair

Alexandra Culkova



Complaint against Ryanair

Good morning 27.12.2017 at 18:25 we were planning to fly from Stansted AirPort to BTS AirPort by Ryanair Company /Flight N FR2318/. After security control we were waiting for more information about our flight in central hall for departures. Few minutes before our gate was closing the board vector us to gate N41 . It was maybe 5-10 of walking to this area. When we came to gate N41 /fly Ryanair Company to Budapest/ your staff just said that our plane would fly from gate N83. No more information or understending. After a Lot of Slovak people ( passangers to Bratislava) were in panic because the gate N83 was on the other side of AirPort more than 10minutes of walking. When we came to the gate.There was only word boarding and After Few seconds this text was delleted. When we were asking staff on AirPort or someone from Ryanair staff we asked from which gate we would fly .Nobody was able to give us any information or advice how to proceed. It made us so stressed because nobody was willing to give us any useful advice. So we were waiting there for 5 hours without any information from staff, no reason Why is our fly cancelled/deleyed .We were in London with family on Christmas holidays with limited budget of money for a week ,because our Slovak Credit cards are not accepted in England . So After these days our budged was only About 100£ . When you annouced cancel of our flight we stayed in this AirPort without money, drinks, food or sleeping place with discharged mobile phones. And you are able to refund our money at 5-7 wirking days. Official rules -Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights, and repealing Regulation (EEC) No 295/91 (Text with EEA relevance) - Commission Statement is written that everyone passanger with deleyed or cancelled flyght must be compensated. Nobody give us some advice, refreshment , drink, hotel for passengers from another countiries without another choice or some deal About change our flyght. Only reason what you give to us was let us go to flyght on Saturday evening. Actually it mean that you was planing let us in AirPort hall with nothing for 3days. I know that is holiday time but this is absolutelly incorrect and inconceivable. In the past I was flying by Ryanair Company more Times per Year but I hope that I was on Stansted AirPort with Ryanair Company last time in my life . So I reguest for compensation from your side to refund our way to bus station from Stansted AirPort to Victoria Coach station and next bus from Victoria Station to Czech Republic and Train from Czech Republic to Slovakia. Our original way was 2,5 hours long, now we are finally in train to home after 17,5 h on AirPort hall , transport to Victoria station 1,5h , bus to Prague 18h and train from Prague to Slovakia 4h really tried and without shower or sleeping with good quality. Nowadays we are travel more than 1day.

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