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Rachel's complaint against Eurolines

Rachel Watkins


Bus didn't turn up

Complaint against Eurolines

Original complaint sent 28th December 2015 with emails saying that they will respond but I still haven't had a response. Rachel Watkins Reservation Number 115574307 Ticket Number 010237974 Booking number 94403238 Dear Sirs, I am writing to you with regards to my journey that was supposed to occur on 27th December 2015. As you can see from the booking attached it stipulates that I would need to be at the bus pick up point Aire du service du Manoir, St Laurent Sur Manoir at 5.00am and the bus would leave at 5.30am. I arrived at 5 and there was a bus leaving for Chambery and I spoke to the driver saying that my ticket was for Zurich and he told me to wait and that this wasn't my bus. As you can imagine it was very cold so I went and sat back in the car. After 15 minutes 'the other bus' was still not there and the chambery bus was still there so I went to double check and asked again and spoke to the other driver and he said the same thing and told me to wait at 5.20 the bus left. In the mean time I was ringing your 24 hour number and could not get through. The message was that you were experiencing a high volume of calls and if I wanted to wait on the line an operator will be with me shortly, followed by a 'Thank you for calling and then the call ended! I continued to ring this number until I left my mother at 6.45am..... I waited until 5.50 still no bus and thought that we should high tail it to Brive just in case this was my bus and I could at least get on and maybe change further down the line if the drivers would let me, knowing this would be a long shot. Arriving at the bus stop no sign of bus I was stuck what to do. As you can imagine i was feeling quite sick at this stage. Knowing that Brive was a central hub and that I needed to be in Zurich for the following day my next option was to train it over. I am confused in how there can be a service online that you can book and yet the service isn't available. I have done the journey the other way a couple of times and it has been fine but to wake up and 3.30 in order to catch a bus that doesn't turn up and not have any way to contact you is not fair. I have attached my initial booking document and the train tickets that were subsequently purchased in order for me to make my journey. I look forward to your reply and explanation of what happened on the morning of 27th and how you will compensate me for the lack of service, unnecessary stress and unnecessary travel costs. Kindest regards Rachel Watkins

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