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Olivia's complaint against Eurostar

Olivia Loveridge


Eurostar insensitivity to Paris attacks

Complaint against Eurostar

Given the recent events in Paris, our group decided it wouldnt feel right to go ahead with our planned trip which was meant to be a weekend of festivities before Christmas. It doesn't feel right to be celebrating at such a time in Paris. After asking Eurostar to just exchange the dates of our tickets, we were told we would have to spend almost the same amount we paid for the tickets in the first place, plus extra charges for difference in ticket prices, in order to change our dates. We obviously cannot afford this and it just seems like Eurostar are cashing in on such a tragic event. Morally it's totally wrong. We would still love to visit Paris in the New Year when it would before appropriate, we don't want a refund, and this is the best Eurostar can offer us.

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