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Bridget's complaint against Eurostar

Bridget Vincent


[RESOLVED] - Eurostar refund refused after terror threat in Brussels

Complaint against Eurostar

We are currently booked to travel through Brussels to the Netherlands on Friday. There is currently a clear government advisory against travel to Brussels, and to the train station in particular. We don't know if this will change by Friday but we need to book alternative flights (to get to the Netherlands another way) today, as they will become prohibitively expensive if we wait until Friday. I phoned Eurostar and said I'd be happy with a date change if a refund was not possible. They advised that our tickets are non refundable and that the current 'goodwill window' which would allow for refunds or exchanges due to terrorist threats applies only to travel up to today. We currently stand to lose hundreds of pounds: either that or we take our chances, go against travel advisories, and walk into a threat zone because we don't have any other way to get where we need to go. Eurostar is making it hard for people to do otherwise and be safe.

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Eurostar resolved this complaint

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Bridget Vincent | | VERIFIED

Result: Eurostar is now offering date changes free of charge. Thank you for being sensible, Eurostar!

Bridget Vincent | | VERIFIED

Free date change offered - thank you
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